Calico Presents: Brixtape

A pop-up exhibition hosted by FPOAFM
September 7 - 22, 2018
Opening Friday, Sept 7, 7-9pm
in conjunction with
The Brooklyn Clay Tour
67 West St, suite 203 • Brooklyn, NY 11222 •

Open Gallery Hours: Fridays + Saturdays, 12-5pm & by appointment

FPOAFM Nomadic Art/Craft Collective presents Brixtape, an exhibition of bricks and music.  Merging the participatory spirit of a mixtape traded to a friend with the bluntness of a brick thrown through a window, FPOAFM has mailed 30 artists a found clay brick and with it asked them to depict their most inspirational musician or band.  For FPOAFM, a brick is representative of anger and dissatisfaction, and ultimately can be used to bring about change in symbolic means or physical action. Music instills the feeling of hope and power, and can also build change, friendships, and community that shift the possible future.

The Brixtape exhibition presents each artist’s finished brick-based-art-object as well as a new FPOAFM vending machine.  This machine continuously plays a mixtape of compiled songs from the artists involved and is designed to distribute drinks in commemorative ceramic cups as well as zines and posters.  With this project, FPOAFM Nomadic Art/Craft Collective simply hopes to share and gain wisdom thru discovering new music over a nice drink at the gallery.

FPOAFM Nomadic Art/Craft Collective was founded in 2006 as a way to create and expand a community of like minded artists interested in functional ceramic artwork. FPOAFM (pronounced “po-em”—the F’s are silent) employs a carefree, blasé, -whatever humor balanced with a serious attention to quality and sincerity.  FPOAFM operates on a project driven basis and maintains attitude and goals outside of a sustainable financial business model. These beliefs allow FPOAFM members to create functional works of art rather than a soulless craft-commodity, and give each member freedom to express what they want without any moral sacrifice.  FPOAFM’s membership ranges at anytime from two to fifteen people and operates on a project driven basis using currently available materials or whatever is around or has recently been stolen. For this project, FPOAFM’s core organizers are Dini Dixon, Adams Puryear, and Clayton Blackwell